National Conference Center in Hanoi

National Conference Center in Hanoi, Hanoi - Vietnam, Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner (GMP)
Address: Pham Hung, Tran Duy Hung | HANOI | Vietnam
Latitude/Longitude: 21.0333, 105.85

The whole NCC Hanoi complex is embedded in a park landscape, which integrates thematic and symbolic references to the Vietnamese culture and traditions. The new buildings for the National Conference Center, the hotel and museum have been positioned in this spacious landscape garden. In front of the NCC to the south is a multifunctional, urban area, the “Fountain Square”. This square is intended for festivities and public occasions.

The square is flanked to the east and the west by a sea of flags and two calm pools of water. A bright palm grove creates the setting for the southern side of the Fountain Square and marks the direction of the main entrance and the access axis to the National Conference Center.

The expressive undulating roof of the whole NCC accompanies the visitors on their way into the foyer. It rises up to an even greater height above the large congress hall, thus creating a distinctive landmark for the NCC Hanoi.

Design: 2004 in cooperation with Inros Lackner
Design: Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze
Project Managers: Klaus Lenz, Susi Winter
Team: Birgit Föllmer, Marcus Tanzen, Tuyen Tran Viet, Jens Reichert, Hito Ueda, Udo Meyer, Uli Rösler, Lorin Rüttger, Nicole Flores
Client: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Gross Floor Area: 65,000m²

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