New North Community School

New North Community School, Sprunt, London, UK
Address: 32 Popham Road, Islington | LONDON | United Kingdom | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 51.5393, -0.09487

The New North Community School is a unique design created by Sprunt to amalgamate two primary schools and create a new one at the heart of the local community.

The scheme includes a children’s centre, a multi-purpose hall and all-weather pitch and facilities that will be available to the community out of school hours. It forms part of a wider project, which includes 60 affordable homes, income from which was used to fund the school.

Sprunt was asked to design a ‘landmark and a focal point’ and the distinctive and colourful cone at the heart of the project has provided just that. Our commitment to listening to the opinions of all the stakeholders resulted in the inclusion of a dance studio in the cone requested by the children.

Housed at the top of the cone, it also makes best use of the space available.  Potential play space was also limited, so Sprunt suggested using the space on the roof as a supervised play area – an idea welcomed by both the school and Islington Council and created more teaching space to meet DCSF guidelines.

During planning, Sprunt raised concerns for safety issues with the location of the school and plans were altered to avoid creating a hidden alley with potential for vandalism.

As part of the scheme the streets surrounding the area were upgraded to make them safer, with raised curbs, crossing and the conversion of an adjacent green space, the Dibden Triangle, into a nature area.

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