New VVIP Terminal

Address: Schiphol Airport | AMSTERDAM | Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude: 52.3091, 4.76339

VMX Architects has been commissioned to design a new GA Terminal for Schiphol Airport. GA (General Aviation) is the international name for private and business flights. The new building will be located in Schiphol-Oost, along the GA platform on Airside and accessible from the Thermiekstraat on Landside.  The benefit of General Aviation is reaching the airplane almost directly, without waiting lines and with optimal privacy to those who need it (royal families, head of states or celebrities).

The design maximizes this benefit by bringing the passenger and the plane together as closely as possible. On landside the passengers are dropped off inside the building in a drive-through, sheltering them from rain, wind or camera’s. On Airside the canopy gives this same comfort while boarding the airplane. On top of the terminal there are also office spaces for aviation related companies, underneath is a parking garage for passengers as well as employees.

The shape of the building provides extra privacy by using the canopy on airside to limit the view onto boarding passengers but allowing light to come into the offices and on landside by directing the view of the offices upwards to the sky instead of downwards to arriving passengers.

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