North Point Entrance Hall

Construction year: 2009
Address: Carrera 7 No. 156 - 80 | BOGOTÁ | Colombia
Latitude/Longitude: 4.732590982593296, -74.0238756426377

The project, located in North Point Entrance Hall business complex of buildings in Bogotá, is the entrance hall for the new Tower 3, the parking building and the future Tower 4. Preceded by a row of trees it opens to an open space on the front of a bridge over a water pond, which emphasizes the entrance to the hall.

The space in between the buildings has the ideal dimensions for the introduction of a cubic element 18 meters height, consisting of a metal structure covered by two types of skin:

The first one, a metallic tissue-like envelope surrounding all sides of the cube, specially designed to give a pleasant and welcoming impression inside and outside the site, while playing with natural light during the day and creating a different effect with artificial light at night. The second is a transparent glass skin, which gives rigidity to the cubic element, adding outside reflection effects and interior transparency.

Concerning its concept, the building represents a sun-blinded cube suspended over a transparent one, that together compose a single and attractive element, serving as a prelude to the North Point complex buildings.

Contributed by Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

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