Ōmihachiman Workspace

Omihachiman Workspace, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE
Construction year: 2016
Address: Nakamuracho 34-5, Omihachiman | ŌMIHACHIMAN | Japan
Latitude/Longitude: 35.12859, 136.09368

We were requested by our client to renovate a warehouse to make a multipurpose office space which everyone can easily come by. The client was looking for a workplace where they can enjoy their conversation. Then we considered creating some space such as miniature garden inside the warehouse. We placed four kinds of house-shaped booths along circle and made community space in the circle.

That makes you feel as if you are in a city in spite of being inside the building.

In order to make a unique world view, we intentionally designed these houses in different sizes.
We hope that lots of people will know this work through our workshops and so on. You can relax and work with a calm mind once you visit here.


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