Orquideorama, Medellin, Colombia, Plan:b Arquitectos
Construction year: 2015
Address: Calle 41 #40A-26, Medellín, Antioquia, | MEDELLÍN | Colombia
Latitude/Longitude: 6.2710081, -75.564118

a. Two Phenomena – scales
This project rises from a hexagonal geometry that allows for growth and flexibility in the floor plant.
Besides, it works with the scale of the trees and some of their strategies: it concentrates all the networks in the trunk, mixes structure and organic force, and opens translucent foliage.

b. Organization
Assembling modules of seven hexagons, we can define a spatial, structural and bioclimatic pattern that allows repetition, controlled growth and flexibility, both to avoid touching the already existing trees and to adapt to a limited budget.

c. Pattern
This pattern or module has a central hexagon that functions like a hollow trunk in which the technical network (structural, electrical, and water collection), the organic network, a hot air exit, and an access to rain and humidity for the internal gardens, concentrate. These trunks were understood as converging vortexes, and therefore the geometry of the wood lining displays a concentrated torsion force through a hyperbolic paraboloid. We tried to combine organic and structural forces.

d. Intelligence from the inside out
The intelligence of the pattern intelligence amplifies through repetition, but the spatial and bioclimatic qualities are already present in each part. You could say the qualities of the pattern emerge from inside out.

e. Availability
The space we propose isn’t an empty warehouse or a free plant but rather a field with structural supports that are intermittent with clustered gardens. This allows combining a large range of activities (weddings, workout, meditation, concerts, fashion shows, etc), with the garden and its wildlife and weather.

Use: Orchid and garden exhibitions; other exhibits. Varied events (concerts, weddings, parties, fairs).
Area: 4200m2
Price per square meter: US$: 500
Ecosystem: Humid Sub-Montane Forest
Elevation (above sea level): 1538m
Temperature: 16-29ºC; Humidity (Rel): 68%
Facing: All directions
Direction of wind: Norte- Sur/ North- South
Structure: Steel columns and beams. Trusses.
Materials: Harvested wood linings; concrete pavers, steel and polycarbonate roof tiling.
Architects: Plan:B Arquitectos (Felipe Mesa + Alejandro Bernal) + JPRCR Arquitectos (Camilo Restrepo + JPaul Restrepo).
Project Manager: Plan:B Arquitectos (Felipe Mesa + Alejandro Bernal) + JPRCR Arquitectos (Camilo Restrepo + JPaul Restrepo).
Work team:
Design team: Viviana Peña, Catalina Patiño, Carolina Gutiérrez, Lina Gil, Jorge Buitrago
Structural engineering: Germán Serrate
Constructor: Ménsula S.A.
Client: Jardín Botánico de Medellín.

Contributed by Plan:b Arquitectos

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