Ozzano dell’Emilia School

Ozzano dell'Emilia School, Bologna - Italy, CCDSTUDIO
Construction year: 2010
Address: Via Maltoni 18 | OZZANO DELL’EMILIA | Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 44.446733, 11.478480

The project is an organism created for the project financing between the local municipality and the Consorzio Karabak Sette. These two subjects are joined to in the union aim, providing of new spaces for the public facilities that were represented by two building: the Center School District and the Offices for the Municipal police and administration. Therefore the project has different architectural scales by his program and by consequent dimension. The design, indeed, start from an urban draw to mark in the two different building the specific sign in which the program is implemented: the first, the School, that has inside a kindergarten, a nursery and a daycare center, is elongated on the flat land in only one elevation.

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