Parc Zodiaco Building

Parc Zodiaco Building, Belo Horizonte - Brazil, GPA&A
Construction year: 2010
Address: Avenida Terra, 410 - Santa Lúcia | BELO HORIZONTE | Brazil
Latitude/Longitude: -19.9671476, -43.9468244

Parc Zodiaco Building was developed to harmonize with its surroundings, so we used curves, balconies, and gardens as a way to insert it into the landscape, softening its contours.

Located on the northwest slope between Rua Zodíaco and Avenida Terra, in the Santa Lucia district, the site and its surroundings are strictly residential.

Parc Zodiaco Building has an 11.8% occupancy rate and a permeable area of 38.7% with 2752.5 square meters endowed with gardens and open areas. note that the Land use and Occupation Law requires only 20%. All boundaries are free from any type of construction. Parc Zodiaco Building only touches them below ground. Lateral clearances are approximately 20m on the left side and 26m on the right side.[minimum clearance required is 15m.] The top of the building is below the Praça do sol, which guarantees that the view of the Serra do Curral is preserved.

From a geological point of view, this project is geo-supported because, unlike the dominant practices of our current civilization, all features of the geological environment are explored to benefit it, i.e., all negative side effects are internally compensated wherever possible, and all positive side effects are identified and enhanced.

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