Park 3_Circles

Circles, Park, Osio Sotto, Bergamo, Italy, Abad
Construction year: 2014
Address: via Alessandro Manzoni 1 | OSIO SOTTO | Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 45.6143768, 9.5874886

After less than a year of work and three years in-depth territory analysis and landscape design and architecture ended the work of the ‘Park 3_Circles’ in Osio Sotto (Italy). The project operates in an area where a park partially functioning (referred to as the ‘former pools’) needed a renovation that would make it fully accessible to the public.

In 2011 Politecnico di Milano University was involved in an urban survey of the historic downtown and some analysis about the green and ecological grids. Research has produced a publication in two languages (eng/ita) for Alinea Publisher in Florence entitled ‘Realism now, architecture of small towns’ (2011), which was widely circulated.

The realized project consists in a system of three mutually tangent circles, connected by pedestrian and cycle paths, containing games for children and teenagers: a labyrinth of colored walls, two red rubber shockproof playgrounds and a seating system in colored concrete. A building with a function of cafe and services was built in an arched shape along the south circle.

The existing valuable trees have been kept in the new park design, and dozens of new flowering and fragrant color plants have been planted to enrich the vegetation of the park.

Client And Location: City of Osio Sotto (Bergamo Italy)
Designers: Abad Architects Ltd in Milan (Alessandro Bianchi, Andrea Pirollo, Massimiliano Zigoi)
Team: Giorgia Cantoni, Paola Fino, Darko Barbirovic
Contractor: Edil Scavil Srl Pedrengo (Italy)
Gross Area: 17,000 sqm
Total Amount: 1100000 €

Contributed by Abad Architetti Srl

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