Nations Pavilion

Pavillion 6, Thessaloniki - Greece, P. Makridis & Associates S.A.
Latitude/Longitude: 40.6252, 22.9553

The project’s first stage involved the renovation of the “Nations’ Pavilion” of the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair. During the second stage of design, the building was connected to the neighboring I. Vellidis Conference Center through a covered passageway.

The pavilion’s main levels were upgraded by covering all surfaces with wood or gypsum board panels, opening new windows towards the city, building new lavatories, remodelling the main entrance and installing new false-ceilings. The lower level accommodated the electromechanical equipment, while the existing police offices were relocated to allow for the creation of a new, multi-purpose assembly hall.

The proposal for the external façades preserved the symmetrical rhythm of the pavilion. The elevations facing the city are covered with blue aluminum panels in a diagonal grid structure that relates to the inclination of the main street. The southwestern façade is opened up towards the panoramic view of the city.

In the second phase of the project’s design, the Pavilion 6 building was connected to the neighbouring I. Vellidis Conference Center through a covered passageway.

The main façade towards the trade fair grounds combines silk-screen printed glazing with internally lit, colored triple glazing, arranged in a manner that respects the formal features of the existing building. The same combination of glazed surfaces is used for the covered passageway of the second design phase, where three internally lit cubes of colored glazing intersect with the printed glazing of the elongated passageway that becomes the foyer of the I. Vellidis Conference Center and connects it to the Nations’ Pavilion.

Contributed by MAS – Makridis Associates

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