Perry Street

Perry Street, New York, United States, Asymptote
Construction year: 2010
Address: 166 Perry Street | NEW YORK | United States
Latitude/Longitude: 40.73454, -74.00937

On Manhattan’s West Side, a collection of newly designed buildings are redefining the western edge of the West Village on the Hudson River, a trend kick started by Richard Meier’s glass and steel towers sitting alongside the West Side Highway. Asymptote Architecture was commissioned to build a new entry into the mix of high-end condominium projects situated on low-key residential streets among mid-twentieth-century building stock. Asymptote’s project at 166 Perry Street adjoins the first of Meier’s three towers and is simultaneously an antidotal design and a formal and tectonic play off of Meier’s buildings.

The West Village, predominately a finer grain collection of brickwork, is currently in a state of dramatic change. Here, at this quickly changing edge condition, there was a need to develop an architecture of texture, luminosity, intimacy and elegance while affording a corollary to both the high modernist ideas and historically pertinent approaches extant in the neighborhood. Asymptote’s design for 166 Perry Street aspires to those four essential criteria while merging the fast-moving context constituted from automobiles, cyclists and riverfront recreation to the west, with the much slower, residential neighborhoods to the east.

Asymptote’s design approach primarily emerged from a search for an apropos musical assembly of glass and geometry whereby a play of reflections, atmosphere and surface produce an envelope of effects that weld the disparities of brick, ornament and stoops with glass, smoothness and constant plays of surface and space. This resulted in another definition of elegance, possibly transcending that of the high modernist traditions and minimalist aspirations expressed in the adjacent towers and the quaintness and scale of domesticity in which 166 Perry Street is situated.

Client: Perry Street Development Corp.
Gross floor area: 4500 sqm
Number of rooms: 27 loft-like residences

Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates, p.C. (Liviu Schwartz; Taehoo Kim)
Construction Manager: The J Companies (Robert Brot, Partner; Allan Brot, Partner; Paul Alba; Jeffrey Chan), Scorcia & Diana, inc. (Michael Scorcia; Don Castoldi)
Façade Engineer: Design Phase: Front, Inc. (Marc Simmons; Brian Guerrero)
Fabricator: CCA Façade Technology, LLC (Mason Chang; Dieter Hegen)
Construction Phase: Heitmann & Associates, Inc. (H. Rok Lee)
MEP: Forum Engineering, P.C. (Stan Slutsky; Alex Rodsen)
Lighting: Tillotson Design Associates (Suzan Tillotson, Partner; Mark Kubicki)
Energy Model: Kinetix LLC (Michael Gresty, Jamy Bacchus)
Acoustical Consultant: Shen Milsom and Wilke (Joshua Cushner; Simon Moyes)
Zoning and Expediting: Metropolis Group (Frank Fortino; Brian Redlein)
Geotechnical Consultant: Pillori Associates, P.A. (Gregory Pillori)

Architect / designer: Asymptote Architecture
Design Principals: Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture
Project Manager(s): Jennifer Mujat-Kearns, Christopher Johnson, Oliver Kienzi
Design team: Jill Leckner, Asako Hiraoka-Sperry, Fernando Velasco, Erick Carcamo, Stella Lee, David Lessard, Kara Yamagami, Marina Topunova, Michela Tonus, Hengchai Chen, Karl Kessler, Jenny Chow, Ruben Useche, Salvador Lopez, Natalia Ibañez Lario, Carl Kessler, Marcia Akermann, Karen Lee, Jong Kouk Kim, Kristen Willey, Laura Trevino, Natalia Ibanez Lario, Tsuyoshi Nakamoto, Max Knoll, Adrienne Broadbear, Salvador Lopez Folch, Vincente Rodriguez, Daniel Castro, Peter Heller, Fabian Morales, Arthur Terry, Allen Sorensen, Luis Galan Garcia, Kasper Ax, Ching-Mou Hou, Frank Melendez, Haakon Aarseth, Friederike Von Eichel-Streiber, Hiroe Fujimoto, Isabelle Rijnties, Alex Bulygin, Elliot White, Leigh Jester

Contributed by Asymptote

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