Photonic Centre

Address: Carl-Scheele-Strasse 16 | BERLIN | Germany
Latitude/Longitude: 52.4299, 13.5243

Photonic Centre is based on the urban design and services engineering concepts developed for an initial competition, won in 1995. The two buildings are colorful volumes with soft contours which create a strong identity within the existing rectilinear context without challenging the gentle coherence of the site. The three-stories building contains laboratories, workshops and offices, while the adjacent single storey hall offers space for large-scale experiments.

The laboratoire is a case study for the integration of architecture, construction and services. The undulating building contours enclose flexible unit of varying depth, facilitating the deep-plan dark units needed for research with light. The paired columns of the double façade lend the external skin depth and rhythm, and contain weather-protected external louvers for solar-screening. The façade with a spectrum of 36 hues on both the columns and the solar blinds offers natural ventilation and acts as a buffer zone for improved thermal and sound insulation.

A central top-lit atrium was integrated into the design of the main building as a space for communication and exchange between the scientists. The building has an economical prefabricated concrete structure, including floor slabs of corrugated section which allow every point within the flexible plan to be serviced from both above and below. Vertical services run in risers coated along the central corridor while horizontal services are distributed in prefabricated U-sections that span up to 10 meters, either between beams or supported by the paired columns of the façade, the adjacent single – storey hall is a steel frame construction, with a full – height glass façade and internal polychromatic color-coated sunshades.

Gross floor area: 11.000m2
Gross construction cost: e18m
Competition: 1995, 1st prize

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