Power Center for the Performing Arts

Power Center for the Performing Arts, Ann Arbor-Michigan - United States, Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates
Construction year: 1971
Address: 121 Fletcher St | ANN ARBOR-MICHIGAN | United States
Latitude/Longitude: 42.28077, -83.73582

The original site was one of the few remaining parks on the University campus; so the proposal to change the site and move it onto an adjacent area, which had been occupied by coal bunkers for the power plant, was accepted. In that way, it was possible to save the lawn and its trees.

The building is used to form a wall on one side of the park, with the strong arcade of columns backed up by reflecting glass, creating an illusion of a larger park during the day. At night, when the lights go on in the lobby and the glass becomes transparent, the theater really comes to life and has an appropriate presence.

The engineering-oriented technique of articulating the bearing-and-bending elements of the structure is employed here. The concrete columns are eight feet in diameter and carry the painted steel beams, which span back 140 feet to the stage tower of the auditorium.

The building is very simple and direct, it says “theater”; its form expresses immediately the house, the stage and the lobby. The spiral stairs for the mezzanine are enclosed in two glass cylinders, giving relief to the flat reflecting glass lobby wall.


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