Rebuilding Trondheim

Rebuilding Trondheim, Trondheim - Norway, Jensen & Skodvin Architects
Construction year: 2005
Address: Nordre gate 11 | TRONDHEIM | Norway
Latitude/Longitude: 63.4323, 10.3974

Rebuilding Trondheim is the result of a competition and is about the rebuilding of a large city block in the centre of Trondheim city. The main urban move is to open the inside of this very large city block, by introducing “veiter” (very narrow passages open to the sky) to make the inner courtroom as accessible as possible, and thereby creating an urban situation that utilizes the possibilities of the site.

Project: Rebuilding of old central part of Trondheim, destroyed in a fire in 2002
Client: Original owners
Project Architects: Jan Olav Jensen (pl), Arne Henriksen, CarlViggo Hølmebakk, Torunn Golberg, Torstein Koch, Siri Moseng, Kaja Poulsen, Cristine Pettersen, Christin Johannesen (The project is a collaboration with Arne Henriksen AS and C-V Hølmebakk arkitekt)
Area: 15000 m2
Building Cost: 30 mill. euros

Contributed by Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor

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