Roca Barcelona Gallery

Address: Joan Güell 211-213 | BARCELONA | Spain | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 41.2969, 2.07833

This building typology is based on the unity and character of a singular object. Due to this premise, the surrounding conditions play a significant role as it generates the first image of the building. Even though in most cases the principal material of a façade is glass, this façade is not a showcase. The glass is configured in numerous ways so that it never reaches complete transparency and works as a special “veil,” one which reveals the interior in some cases, while in others the interior is simply perceived. As a result, the building is converted into a singular entity both during the day and at night. During the day, the light attracts the observer due to the “seductive effect of the veil,” while at night, the building acts as a beacon.

The presence of the logo on the façade is articulated in a discreet way. This is achieved through its balanced relationship with the façade, using transparencies and tonalities in order to reduce its visibility, or incorporating the logo into the façade’s composition without making it too evident. In both cases, the architectural form and product share a bilateral presence, allowing the building itself to stand as the corporate image of the company.

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