Romera 8

Romera 8, Warsaw - Poland, Damian Cyryl Kotwicki
Construction year: 2016
Address: 8 Romera Str. | WARSAW | Poland
Latitude/Longitude: 52.15601, 21.02224

This modern residential building with a business establishment, as well as an underground garage is located by the Romera street in Warsaw, on the building land with a surface of 540m2. The main entrance, as well as the garage ramp have been designed alongside the longer side of the Romera street. The building fulfils it’s role of a multi-family dwelling, it meets all the technical standards and conditions as well as the spatial development plan, and in accordance with that plan, it consists of six overground and one underground floor.

The project plan is that of a rectangle, with a flat roof sized 12.6m x 18.0m, with the total area of 226.8m. There is a total of 12 apartments on the overground floors, with the exception of the ground floor, varying in size from 47m2 to 81m2. All the apartments have a balcony, which is 4m2, with steel glazed railings, as well as a mobile system of glazed panels above the banisters with white frames. The garage, with enough space for 14 passenger cars, is located on the underground floor of the building, alongside the technical room and the utility room. The façade has been finished with bricks of three different shades, in a repeatable pattern, which gives the building a modern, spacious and three-dimensional form.

The irregular positioning of windows (3 different types), provides planned artistic chaos. This acts as an additional advantage for the investment, as it creates an interesting, dynamic look. Windows are made of wood the colour of golden oak, whilst the balconies are finished in white which allows the building to look more interesting and unique, as part of modern architecture.

All the details and elements such as railings are of uniform color, which is graphite.

Contributed by Damian Cyryl Kotwicki

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