San Cataldo Cemetery

San Cataldo Cemetery, Modena - Italy, Aldo Rossi
Construction year: 1984
Address: Strada Cimitero San Cataldo | MODENA | Italy
Latitude/Longitude: 44.65939, 10.90744

San Cataldo Cemetery is considered as one of the most known and important Postmodern buildings. Its construction began in 1978 but it never come in completion and since 1984 is being in the condition that is left.

San Cataldo Cemetery is a complex with a cube-shaped ossuary for housing remains in the center and a conical tower that marks a communal grave. The ossuary is covered in terracotta-coloured and the perimeter buildings’ roofs are made of blue-coloured steel.

The general concept for San Cataldo Cemetery was to create a communal grave for Modena.

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