Sinnott Residence

Sinnott Residence, Los Angeles - United States, Abramson Teiger Architects
Construction year: 1994
Address: 121 S Cliffwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049 | LOS ANGELES-CALIFORNIA | United States
Latitude/Longitude: 34.0562611, -118.4860442

An Iconic Angular Home with Timeless Attraction

This house took its form as a direct response to its context. Three principal contextual concerns had to be accommodated: a neighboring house, which is elevated 10 feet above the grade of the project lot and presented an ugly edge; a desire to orient the house to take advantage of afternoon light; an existing grove of established trees on the southwest corner of the site.

The geometrical shift in plan was introduced to open the house to the afternoon sun. This was achieved by angling the mass of the living room, dining room and entry toward the northwest, off of the orthogonal grid of the rest of the house. Additionally, this shift served to screen the garden and the house from the neighboring residence to the north. The shifted mass is articulated with a vaulted copper roof, further delineating the two elements of the composition of the house.

The collision of the angular and the orthogonal is reverberated throughout the project and is manifested in detail such as the repeated triangular skylights, trapezoidal shower/bathtub and the angled step risers.

The swimming pool is a design element essential to the house. A strong sense of indoor-outdoor interaction is expressed with large doors that open up to the edge of the pool.

Materials include smooth Venetian plaster on some of the interior walls of the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Syndecrete, a lightweight cast concrete material, is used on most of the lower level floors and in the master bath for the shower and tub. The kitchen counters with their integral sinks are also cast in Syndecrete.

The handrails are brushed steel with a lacquer finish, sandblasted glass and oak rails. The window system is made from vertical grain Douglas fir. The living room ceiling is paneled in flat sheets of vertical grain Douglas fir plywood. This now iconic home is featured on the hit ABC Series, Modern Family.

Project Team: Trevor Abramson, FAIA, Douglas Teiger, AIA, Bjorn Schrader, Dipl-Ing, LEED AP, Mihai Ivan, Javier Meier, Ryan Novi

Contributed by Abramson Teiger Architects

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