Sint-Martinus, Sint Triden, Belgium, Lens°Ass Architecten
Construction year: 2010
Address: Gootstraat 3 | SINT-TRUIDEN | Belgium
Latitude/Longitude: 50.815226, 5.181916

Sint-Martinus – Lost city. The medieval character of the former inn from 1650 – presently a store –, as well as its original timber framing on the back side, has been fully restored. This very particular building technique, which continued to be used in Limburg for a long time, uses the recycled wood of torn-down buildings. Inscriptions, as well as old mortise and tenon connections, testify of the re-use.

Four apartments, whose balconies remain hidden behind a wooden facade, have been accommodated in the back house. The repetitive rhythm of the planks visually connects this surface with the newly constructed building. Every form of visual noise has been carefully omitted. The interior design brings old and new elements seamlessly together, or brings them to the foreground. History remains visibly present in every nook and cranny.

The little street adjacent to the store becomes an interesting urban link that connects the public street with the private inner spaces. The opening up of this passageway brings a lost part of the city back to life.

Contributed by Lens°Ass Architecten

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