Social Center

Social Center in Mesoiro, A Coruña - Spain, NAOS Arquitectura
Construction year: 2011
Address: Rúa Os Ancares, 15, 15190 Mesoiro | A CORUÑA | Spain
Latitude/Longitude: 43.3237603, -8.4389874

The building was designed to be a social and services center in a neighborhood with a high population growth rates in recent years. It is destined to use of the people in Mesoiro, A Coruña, an area with 7.900 inhabitants.

It includes a gathering place for neighbors and the cultural equipment: multi-use rooms, auditorium, reading room, playroom, others spaces for children and adults and office works.

The program develops on a single floor at ground level. The building and rooms are entered through a front interior courtyard that is directly connected to the hall and auditorium. This courtyard is protected place from prevailing winds of the zone and it serves as an outside play area for children, but joined to the interior playroom.

The building is arranged into three volumes. The greater height volume has an entrance hall and multi-purpose room. The next volume houses a playroom, social offices, reading room, multipurpose room, dressing rooms, toilets and plant rooms. The distribution of the edifice proposes to create a large open space in the center. Space can be divided according to needs of exhibitions or events it houses, using movable panels.

In this way, this possibility of distribution means an improvement in the use of the building, connecting the two spaces: entrance hall and multipurpose room, and the central courtyard too.

This large area offers great versatility and flexibility to the usage of building that can change frequently. It also has a detachable stage with a practical system that takes advantage the auditorium as other multipurpose room more.

On both sides of the central volume, two pieces were constructed with a functional purpose. The play room oriented to the courtyard and the meeting place for elder people.

A building with energetic requirements indicated by the budget has to be designed under the concept of making good use of the environment energetic resources. Also, the design of the materials should be optimized, giving it durability and low maintenance cost, with the aim of easing and making possible the future rentability of this investment.

Promoter: La Coruña City Hall
Site Area: 2.099 m²
Construction Area: 950 m²
Structural Engineering: Santiago Muñiz
Installations Engineering: Davisa Ingeniería

Contributed by NAOS Arquitectura

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