South Lake Union Discovery Center

South Lake Union Discovery Center, Seattle - Washington, Miller Hull Partnership
Address: 101 Westlake Avenue North Seattle | SEATTLE-WASHINGTON | United States | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 47.6192, -122.339

This pavilion in the park is a presentation center for the South Lake Union neighborhood and its new residential communities. Sited on the edge of an urban park, the building sits lightly on the land, suspended above the gently-sloping terrain atop short concrete piers. The building edges are cantilevered, allowing the grade and vegetation to run uninterrupted beneath.

The structure is comprised of steel bents, paired together with bolted connections and free-spanning the interior gallery and exhibit space. Building envelope components are designed as prefabricated and modular assemblies, clad with durable exterior materials such as metal wall and roof panels. The linear service bar component, housing the service functions of the pavilion, faces the park and is clad with softer wood materials and colors in harmony with the park and open space. Expansive floor-to-ceiling glass along the street façade opens the interior of the building to the sidewalk and streetscape, inviting those passing by to become engaged with the exhibit inside. The wood roof structure cantilevers across the steel frame to provide a broad eave and protection from the elements.

Fulfilling a primary program requirement, the building is designed to be relocated and reused. The bolted assemblies and envelope components are detailed to disengage and separate the building into smaller sections. Once transported to a new site, the modules will be reconnected and the building reused as a pavilion for alternate uses at its new location.

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