Spa Charaima

Spa Charaima, Bogota - Colombia, Giancarlo Mazzanti
Construction year: 2010
Address: Calle 95 # 11 A - 27 | BOGOTÁ | Colombia
Latitude/Longitude: 4.67905964033, -74.0466785241

Spa Charaima is located in a traditional square in Bogotá between two other buildings, with a specific norm that sets the height and general isolations. The requirement to use as much area as possible resulted in a regular cubic volume and isolated on all sides of other buildings and completely exposed to natural light.


The activities and uses within the building are organized into four levels as the various climatic zones of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta through botanical and animal drawings. This difference in levels is expressed in subtle ways by separating the overall volume in horizontal stripes and shades of gray. Our space and structured strategy allow the space inside the cubic volume to have natural light and visuals to the exterior.


The building´s materials were selected uniformly, reflective and soft colors that amplify everyday situations: glass, epoxy flooring, ceramic veneers, etc. giving unity and amplitude within the space. At the third level, the wet treatments, the flooring material is a wood deck that enables the filtering of water and a warm contact with skin.

The façade as a membrane

The facade is composed of two skins: the first is made of glass and concrete, the second skin located outside the inner skin, is made of a metal sheet cut with laser, conceptually speaking is a pattern of holes similar to rocks and strata sta consists of a pattern of holes as rocks, and layers of ground stack, This texture is compressed or expanded to allow transparency and isolation and defines the visual and environmental exchanges with the outside. The double skin allows intimacy without losing touch with the outside and depth perception acts as a veil that covers subtly the inside sensory activities typical of a spa.


On the first floor are located the access, the administration, a store and a restaurant that opens onto a patio covered with vegetation. On the second floor are located the facial massage rooms with glass walls that give depth, light allows the multiple doors to disappear offering a clean and quiet place. On the third floor are located all pools and water sports for relaxation, these activities are open on one side of the building, overlooking the eastern hills. The fourth and final level expands and is designed as an open courtyard that connects to the yoga room and cafeteria to rest once again and enjoy distant views of the city.

Contributed by Giancarlo Mazzanti

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