Stadspoort Landbouw

Stadspoort Landbouw, Eindhoven, Netherlands, KAW
Construction year: 2013
Address: Oirschotsedijk 14a | EINDHOVEN | Netherlands
Latitude/Longitude: 51.4642493, 5.4281005

The information pavilion Stadspoort Landbouw is being built on the premises of the Philips fruit gardens. The pavilion acts as an entrance gate towards Rural Strijp and National Landscape ´Groene Woud´. Information, education and recreation come together in one building to tell you the stories of local businesses, agriculture and cultural history. The pavilion increases the accessibility of this area. The surroundings will be re-arranged with new footpaths, cycle paths and parking utilities.

Experience the design by young architects!

Across the orchard, the ‘Strijpse pad’ walkway leads towards the new pavilion, making it a clear landmark. The shape and material use of the pavilion go along with its natural environment. The pavilion’s height corresponds to the surrounding buildings and together they give shape to a protected courtyard.

Sustainable with The Natural Step

The city of Eindhoven is the first municipality in the Netherlands with the commitment to work sustainably by embracing the methodology of The Natural Step. The methodology comes down to no depletion of resources, no use of harmful chemicals, no damage to existing nature and the design of a building that is healthy for its users. Stadspoort Landbouw is the first building to have this methodology as a foundation.

Rural Strijp

Rural Strijp is the green northwest of Eindhoven. From the active Strijp-S, you can easily take a walk or a bicycle ride straight into the green landscape. Rural Strijp accommodates quietness, contemplation and physical exercise, but at the same time, there is room for sustainable development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. So far there is going on a lot in Rural Strijp but there is room for new developments!

Contributed by KAW

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