Storo Metro Station

Storo Metro Station, Oslo - Norway, Jensen & Skodvin Architects
Construction year: 2003
Address: Storo | OSLO | Norway
Latitude/Longitude: 59.9451114, 10.7781869

The new Storo Metro Station is one of the stations on the new Metro Ring in Oslo. The station is inserted into the city fabric at a place with lots of visual chaos. The main task is to ensure that the travelers will be able to orientate themselves.

The main strategy has been to use a new visual language, namely a roof structure that is also a very large three-dimensional canvas, and that acts as a great transparent painting for an artist, Hilmar Fredriksen. All the glass panes have been decorated by Hilmar Fredriksen and have been arbitrarily assembled. The result is an urban element (the roof) that attracts attention because it uses a different visual language, and that of course also fulfills all the functional requirements of the station. In this way, one could say that the building is both a station and an art gallery.

Contributed by Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor

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