Tapiales House

Tapiales House, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Zas Lavarello Arqs.
Construction year: 2009
Address: Tapiales 1744, Vicente López | BUENOS AIRES | Argentina
Latitude/Longitude: -34.518287, -58.478230

Interior exterior and inclusion at Tapiales House of the existing landscape and garden. Making use of the site and particularly of the tree – existing -, that becomes in fulcrum the organization of the plan.

The articulation of nature – the artifice (the residence) should be as subtle and light as possible, without harshness, working together from the essence of the forms, materials and endings.

The site, with steep slope, defines two clear areas: the back zone higher, containing a harsh change of level in relation to the front zone were the pool is located, which becomes the court -pool – expansion of the bedrooms that look out towards it, taking advantage  of optimum solar conditions in regards to the existing latitude.

It is precisely because of the high zone of the existing site that coincides with the level of the upper plan were the pool is located, in such a way that it emerges “naturally” from the guts of the existing site, without the need of expensive structural show offs, and, as said, it permits the proximity with the bedroom zone and from there being able of looking without being observed. Therefore the privacy of this zone of recreation and the area reserved for children is guaranteed.

The tectonic composition of the residence achieves its climax related to the landscape, in the change of grade between the front zone which is 10 meters lower than the rear zone. The two “L” factory bodies are laid out embracing the court-garden and in axis with the interior-exterior relationship. This generates in PB in one of the “L”s wings a lineal living + dining sequence without walls interruptions and with ample floor to ceiling windows, and the kitchen – breakfast and playroom are located in the other wing. All these functions thus find exterior continuity.

The delicate colors of the window returns – that differ from the grey walls – complete this free and gay linguistic “play”, being different to the lower level window solutions, the materials collage starts to manifest itself, and detail solutions and assemblages. Effectively, a new dimension of materials characterizes these places, as one passes to the rear zone, wood, polished in stables, rustic wood at the pool decks, indicate this desire of creating in each angle of the dwelling materials, form and terminations that always correspond to the functional characteristics of its interior as well as making evident the intrinsic material characteristics.

Contributed by Zas Lavarello Arqs.

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