Terrace Villa

Terrace Villa, Hsinchu - Taiwan, Solid Space Atelier
Construction year: 2009
Address: Baoshan Twn | HSINCHU | Taiwan
Latitude/Longitude: 24.7647, 121.016

Terrace Villa, located at the foothill of an enclosed two-acre wooded site, addresses the synthesis of two potentially opposing conditions: the modernistic model of a house with traditional Chinese building typology known as “四合院” or Chinese quadrangles as genealogy. by rethinking later model, not as discrete entity but a formal and organizational strategy. This specific site also inspires us to employ topological models which operate at two scales: a volumetric organization which allows continuity between landscape and building and a fine scale surface striation that both integrates and articulates geometry and material as they shift from the intensive space of the interior to the extensive space of the exterior.

Three light wells that symbolizes the main programmatic intervention were nested within the modules established by the structural grid, these light wells generated private internalized outdoor spaces that is geometrically driven by the overall organization. On the external expression, the set back volumes promote a more didactical relationship between building and landscape, achieving a certain level of privacy and comfort. Sectional qualities of these terraced volumes with light wells encourage natural ventilations within the units and floors as well as creating a space in displaying the qualities of light and shadow throughout the day.

Contributed by Solid Space Atelier

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