The Royal Playhouse

Address: Sankt Annæ Plads 36 | COPENHAGEN | Denmark
Latitude/Longitude: 55.681, 12.5932

The theatre embraces the harbour, opens to theatergoers as well as those passing by, and becomes the new pivot point in the passage along the waterfront.

The building complex consists of three compositional elements: the foyer, a broad “sidewalk” floating on thin columns over the water, the auditorium and scene tower, clad in copper, and the service area, placed in an expansive and unifying roof level, clad in glass.

These three elements form a charged, geometric composition that completes the surrounding urban structure, opens the city to the harbour, and disposes of the theatre as an experientially rich, well-functioning “theatre machine”, whose purpose is to create the optimal conditions for the meeting of the public and the theatrical spectacle.

With reference to the city s historic towers, the scene tower is clad in copper panels in a pattern resembling staggered fish scales. The horizontal panels, set in different planes, have begun to patina at different rates, giving a varied play of colour, light, and shadow.

The two main entrances to the foyer along the harbour are clad in copper, emphasizing their importance.

Two large scene doors in the facade towards the plaza are also clad in copper. The scene doors, designed in collaboration with an artist, open to the city and allow for open-air shows.

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