The Trillium

Address: 112 - 118 Kim Seng Road | SINGAPORE | Singapore
Latitude/Longitude: 1.29471, 103.832

Attributes of silence are often difficult to attain within the limits of city living. The Trillium, which takes its formal cues from the three-leaf plant species of the same name, is arranged in the plan as three ‘petals’. Each projected petal holds a single apartment, so no two units share a common wall: to the extent that space is defined by sound, each resident can exist autonomously in his residence above the city.

Architecture also has the capacity to carry the weight of perceived space. Perceived space is all the more important to achieve in residential units at the heart of an urban core, where rentable space is particularly limited and costs run high. Floor-to-ceiling curved glass walls made possible by the plan’s unique shape provide each apartment with 270 degree views of the horizon — a design strategy used to extend the space of the apartment into the space of the city beyond. The plan is highly functional, accommodating to both residential programme and to energy efficiency. Bedrooms and bathrooms are aligned along a flat façade to accommodate furniture layouts, while open communal spaces fill the zones encapsulated by curved facades.

The complex’s three 29-storey towers are each orientated to the south and north, effectively decreasing heating and lighting requirements by exposing all 237 units to adequate sun and wind. Brise soleil performs as a shading device to minimise solar heat gain, while shading ledges and façade screens reduce heat intake. Balconies are planned to cross-ventilate, achieve ample interior daylighting, and work in tandem with ledges and planter boxes to reduce sun glare.

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