The Yellow Diamond

The Yellow Diamond, Seoul - South Korea, Jun Mitsui & Associates Architects
Address: 357-4-5, Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu | SEOUL | South Korea
Latitude/Longitude: 37.5535, 126.918

The Yellow Diamond building’s triangular site is located in one of the most dynamic, creative districts in Seoul. Surrounded by several universities, the area has an energy and sense that anything is possible. I felt that uninhibited artistic expression was appropriate for the site. I also wanted to celebrate and inspire the tenants that may occupy this building in the future.

It is envisioned as a center where emerging artists can promote their work. A combination of bright color and rhythm will give the building the impact to support its proposed use. The exterior is angled planes of gold-yellow frit-pattern glass representing a unique gem. As the visitors approach from either direction, they encounter changing sparkle and enjoy glimpses into the retail spaces. The public passage through the building draws pedestrians inside, heightening the intrigue to explore the creative spaces within.

Ms. Myung Hee Chang together with Sangji Corporation (the building owners) are the true visionaries for this project. I am impressed with their desire to develop a challenging, high-design image while responding positively to the existing roughness of the site. (Jun Mitsui, AIA, JIA)

Project Team:
JMA: Jun Mitsui, Nicolai Kruger, Ray Wu, Minsu Kim, Yoshie Shinbo
Unsangdong: Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon, Lee Joon Phyo, Moon Sang Ho, Kim Se Jin, Kim Bong Gyun, Kang Soon Hyung Building
Use: Shop, Office, Hall
Structure: RC structure
Floors: 4 basements, 5 stories ground
Mechanical Engineer: Yo Woon Dong Mechanical Engineers
Structural Engineer: Harmony Structure Engineering
Contractor: Sangji Construction
Total floor area: 4,316.9 sqm
Site area: 971.6 sqm
Project Year: August 2007 – June 2010

Contributed by Jun Mitsui & Associates Architects

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