Torre Mayor

Torre Mayor, Mexico City-Mexico, Zeidler Partnership Architects, Adamson Associates Architects
Construction year: 2003
Address: Paseo de la Reforma 505, Cuauhtémoc | MEXICO CITY | Mexico | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 19.42437, -99.17521

Torre Mayor is a skyscraper with a height of 225 meters and 55 floors and is the third tallest building in Mexico. The building was designed by the architectural offices of Zeidler Partnership Architects and Adamson Associates Architects, based both in Toronto. Construction work began in 1999 and completed at the end of 2003. Due to the high hazard of the Mexico City in earthquake, there were incorporated many seismic projects in the construction of the tower.

Torre Mayor is one of the strongest buildings on Earth in terms of earthquake resistance, is designed to withstand a force of 8.5 earthquake on the Richter scale. The lifts in the tower have a seismic detector to record any movement of the earth, which automatically stops the elevator to descend passengers. Torre Mayor is supported by the Building Management System (BMS), an intelligent system harmoniously and effectively that controls all the facilities and equipments in order to protect the life of the users. In this system there are integrated systems: electrical, sanitary plumbing, elevators and fire that are able to control building lighting. It is considered an intelligent building because the light system is controlled by a system called B3, like many other buildings in Mexico City.

In the basement of the building there are machines with fans for air renewal to avoid excessive concentration of pollutants produced by combustion and they are linked with the intelligent building system. It was the first building in Mexico that meets the required standards for the energy efficiency of nonresidential buildings. It uses automatic water-saving system and is considered one of the first buildings in Mexico among the green buildings.

Torre Mayor is located in the area of ​​the lake bed which was originally built the city. The building was built with 96 dampers, which operate as car shock absorbers, to block the seismic effect of the lake bed. These diamond-shaped dampers surround the perimeter of the building serving as architectural elements. With this additional bracing, the tower can withstand an earthquake with a force almost four times more efficient than a building supporting by a conventional damping system. The damping system of Torre Mayor has proven its value in January 2003, when a 7.6 earthquake shook the city.

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