Tour Montparnasse

Tour Montparnasse, Paris - France, Eugène-Elie Beaudouin, Urbain Cassan, Louis de Hoÿm de Marien
Construction year: 1973
Address: 33 Avenue du Maine | PARIS | France | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 48.84215, 2.32198

Tour Montparnasse is a 210-metre office skyscraper located in the Montparnasse area of Paris, France. Constructed from 1969 to 1973, it was the tallest skyscraper in France until 2011, when it was surpassed by the 231 m Tour First. As of February 2015, it is the 17th tallest building in the European Union. The tower was designed by architects Eugène Beaudouin, Urbain Cassan and Louis Hoym de Marien and built by Campenon Bernard.

Built on top of the Montparnasse – Bienvenüe Paris Métro station, the 59 floors of the tower are mainly occupied by offices. The 56th floor, with a restaurant called le Ciel de Paris, and the terrace on the top floor, are open to the public for viewing the city. The view covers a radius of 40 km.

The tower’s simple architecture, large proportions and monolithic appearance have been often criticized for being out of place in Paris’s urban landscape. As a result, two years after its completion the construction of buildings over seven stories high in the city center was banned.

The design of the tower predates architectural trends of more modern skyscrapers today that are often designed to provide a window for every office. Only the offices around the perimeter of each floor of Tour Montparnasse have windows.

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