Uji House

Uji House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE
Construction year: 2016
Address: Hironocho 2-52, Uji | KYOTO | Japan
Latitude/Longitude: 34.87281, 135.79716

This house is located in a housing estate of Uji city and surrounded with old houses which have been rebuilding. We had tried to make the house feel open even the land space was limited. In order to give the room a better ambience, we have intentionally avoided placing the door opposite to the window. We have also made good use of a slope to be a small lawn hill in the yard. By doing so, you can enjoy the outside view from the inside of the house. Because of the design of this house is made to protect the privacy of its residents, you can live there without any worry.
You will enjoy your time in this cozy house with different situations. It could be change your ordinary days to special one.


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