Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles - United States, Gehry Frank
Construction year: 2003
Address: 111 South Grand Avenue | LOS ANGELES-CALIFORNIA | United States
Latitude/Longitude: 34.0556, -118.249

Located on a historically and culturally prominent downtown site, adjacent to the Music Center of Los Angeles County, the Walt Disney Concert Hall serves as the permanent home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The majority of the site is devoted to gardens, accessible not only from the concert hall itself but from nearby streets as well. The concert hall lobby can be entered from the street and remains open during the day; large operable glass panels provide maximum accessibility to various amenities including a gift shop, a restaurant and cafe, an underground parking garage, and a pre-concert performance space. The pre-concert performance space is used for performance-related lectures, educational programs, and other scheduled and impromptu performances throughout the day.

The focus of the design is the 2,265-seat main concert hall, the interior, and form of which are a direct expression of acoustical parameters. Seating encircles the orchestra platform. The wood walls and the sail-like wooden ceiling forms give visitors the impression of being within a great ship inside the walls of the hall. A pipe organ designed in conjunction with the interior occupies a central position between the seating blocks at stage rear. Skylights and a large window at the rear of the hall allow natural light to enhance daytime concerts.

The exterior of the concert hall is clad in stainless steel panels. The building’s orientation, combined with the curving and folding exterior walls, present highly sculptural compositions as viewers move along adjacent streets and through the surrounding gardens and plazas. An extensive backstage technical area surrounds the concert hall and opens onto a private garden for musicians. The Roy and Edna Disney 250-seat multi-use theater for California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) programs are included in the base of the building, with direct access from the surrounding streets. This facility, together with its separate lobby, art gallery, and café, is a major venue for CalArts in the city of Los Angeles. A 2,500-car garage on six levels is located below grade with access from three surrounding streets.

Contributed by Gehry Partners

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