World Trade Center Mexico

World Trade Center Mexico
Construction year: 1972
Address: Montecito 38, Nápoles, Benito Juárez | MEXICO CITY | Mexico | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 19.39367, -99.17458

The World Trade Center of Mexico City is a building complex known and recognizable. It has 52 floors and 207 m high and it is the third tallest building in the city. The complex also includes a conference center, a cultural center, parking facilities, a multi-cinema, a rotating luxury restaurant in the 45th floor and amall. It also includes a 22-storey hotel. The purpose of the building was to become a hub for business, culture, tourism and architecture. The plans for the complex were presented at the 13th International Architecture Siagonismo in Munich. The World Trade Center began as Hotel de México, a building complex that was never really performed its intended function.

The building was scheduled to be ready for the 1968 Olympics, but the complex surpassed the schedule and got over the budget. Eventually, the tower was completed in 1972, but it was never really functioned as a hotel due to political and economic reasons. The tower and the rest of the band left in an incomplete state.

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