Zalmplaat School

Zalmplaat School, Rotterdam - Netherlands, diederendirrix architecten
Construction year: 2016
Address: Aalreep 8 – 10, Hoogvliet | ROTTERDAM | Netherlands | Visit Website
Latitude/Longitude: 51.85313, 4.37322

In the design of the new Zalmplaat School, the expressive and soft building volume is equipped with two floors with rounded corners, creating an all-round soft shape. Colorful letters and strips in combination with wavy movements of the frontage make a characteristic and expressive building; a school with a familiar yet personal and distinctive expression, recognizable for the children, teachers and neighborhood.

The thriving heart of the school is the centrally located auditorium, around which the classroom zones are situated. The central heart with auditorium and stand which is expanded with an adjoining playroom, parent room, small play areas and workplaces encourages, emphasizes and improves the gathering of teachers, pupils and parents.

The extension of the central heart responds cleverly to flexible use of space. The playground is accessible from the playroom through folding doors, enabling the outer space to be included in the inner space. The playground can also be accessed from the floor via a wide stand with steps. This stand can be used as an extension of the playground, for example as an outdoor theater or outdoor classroom.

Contributed by Diederendirrix Architecten

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