Olympic College Poulsbo, Poulsbo - Washington, Miller Hull Partnership

Olympic College Poulsbo

This remote branch campus for Olympic College is carefully sited within a Kitsap peninsula forest. Donation of the twenty-acre parcel in Poulsbo helped ensure the realization of this facility to […]

Melbourne Grammar School, Melbourne -Australia, John Wardle Architects

Melbourne Grammar School

John Wardle Architects has completed a project of Melbourne Grammar School, located in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. It is a prominent Melbourne secondary school, sparsely built around lush sporting fields, […]

Orestad College, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3xn architects

Ørestad College

The Ørestad College is the first in Denmark to fulfill new educational visions regarding subjects, organization and teaching systems. Communication, interaction, and synergy has been key issues. The project displays […]

Akademie der Künste, Munich, Germany, Coop

Akademie der Künste

Akademie der Künste is based on the idea of transforming the 3 different urban spatial systems which come together on the site: the axial system of Leopoldstrasse / Akademiestrasse with […]

Arizona State University ISTB 1, Tempe - Canada, Perkins and Will

Arizona State University ISTB 1

Arizona State University has implemented a new academic research model focused on collaboration across disciplines to encourage dynamic and synergetic intellectual pursuits that will have a very real impact on […]

Child Centre De Es, Assen - Netherlands, RAU

Child Centre De Es

The newly conceived anthroposophical child centre de Es in Assen provides care and schooling for children from 0 to 12. And ambitious and challenging concept – and after careful planning […]

Diamond Ranch High School, Pomona-California - United States, Morphosis

Diamond Ranch High School

Diamond Ranch High School engages architecture in the act of education; it speaks to students experientially through a physically kinetic architectural language that makes no references to traditional typology, but […]

Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, DP Architects + Maki & Associates

Republic Polytechnic

Singapore’s fifth Republic Polytechnic has reconfigured its pedagogy to espouse discussion and group collaboration, replacing lecture-based learning with interactive learning as a strategy for breeding the next generation as one […]

L.B. Landry High School, New Orleans - Louisiana, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

L.B. Landry High School

L.B. Landry High School. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, flooding 80% of the city and essentially destroying the public school system. This new high school for the Louisiana […]

Geotechnology TU In Delft, Delft - Netherlands, Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

Geotechnology TU In Delft

Delft University of Technology’s new Department of Geotechnology, part of the school’s faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CiTG), is housed in a building at one end of the CiTG […]

Vila Mon Repos, Bled - Slovenia, Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni

Villa Mon Repos

The facilities of the Bled School of Management have been expanded with a third building, constructed on the site of a smaller building, a manor from the 1920s. The new […]

De Oostvaarders, Almere - Netherlands, Drost + van Veen architecten

De Oostvaarders

Nature-education-centre ‘The Oostvaarders’ is situated in a unique nature reserve in Europe. The building is constructed at a junction of various landscapes with the different characters of land, water, forest […]

School of Art Design and Media

This is a 5-storey School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University campus, Singapore. This stunning piece of award-winning architecture is situated in a wooded valley. The embracing […]

Los Rosales Kinder Garden, A Coruña - Spain, Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos

Los Rosales Kindergarten

A Coruña viewpoint on the horizon of the sea where Breogán left. A low building minimizes its impact, integrating it into the environment. The architectural solution with 3 volumes interconnected […]

Smith College Campus Center, Northampton-Massachusetts - United States, Weiss/Manfred

Smith College Campus Center

Serving as a junction between residential spaces and academic buildings, the sixty-thousand-square-foot campus center is imagined as an elaboration of an en-route passage through campus. Defined by the interconnecting contours […]