Museums and Libraries

Ozeaneum, Stralsund - Germany, Behnisch Architekten


The new Oceanographic Museum OZEANEUM is located on the city’s historic waterfront immediately adjacent to the historic center which has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a […]

Arche Nebra, Nebra - Germany, Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Arche Nebra

In 1999, unlicensed treasure hunters unearthed a remarkable archaeological relic: a 3,600-year-old sky disc made of bronze inlaid with gold. It depicts complex constellations and the symbol of the solar […]

Anzac Hall, Canberra - Australia, Denton Corker Marshall

Anzac Hall

ANZAC Hall extends the Australian War Memorial, providing 3,000 sqm of exhibition space to display the large technology relics in the Memorial’s collection, such as aircraft, vehicles, tanks and other […]