Factory Loft, Milan, Italy, dep studio

Factory Loft

Building sixteen is the name of the enormous rectangular building, made of bricks that in the beginning of the 10th century hosted productive activities of the group Ansaldo, and now […]

I-Way, Lyon, France, Cyrille Druart


Inaugurated in July 2008 in Lyon, France, I-WAY is an international first. This exclusive building is entirely dedicated to automobile simulations (simulator technology offering 6 degrees of freedom inspired by […]

b.OX, Milano, Italy, Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti


We always try to convert things in signs for our intelligible abstractions; … ” Aldous Huxley Surface, floor, leather, shell. A recurring theme of composing architectural defining an inside from […]

Innocean Headquarters Europe, Frankfurt, Ippolito Fleitz Group

Innocean Headquarters Europe

The internationally operating advertising agency INNOCEAN with headquarters in Korea has moved into new European headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. A flexible and modern work world was created for the […]

Express Scripts, St. Louis, Missouri, Clickspring Design

Express Scripts

Express Scripts is responsible for managing pharmacy benefits for about 90 million Americans. In today’s complex environment, the company’s innovation solutions, and insights from actionable data provide the company with […]

PCA Agency, Paris, France, Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte

PCA Agency

56-58 rue Vieille du Temple is located in the heart of the Marais, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris – a popular neighborhood of boutiques and galleries. PCA agency replaced […]

Jing Mian Xin Cheng, Beijing, China, SPARK

Jing Mian Xin Cheng

SPARK’s ‘pleated’ and ‘woven’ façade for the award-winning mixed-use development Jing Mian Xin Cheng in Beijing demonstrates that depth of experience need not be forgotten despite the speed of the […]

ÖBB Headquarters, Vienna, Austria, Zechner

ÖBB Headquarters

The ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) has decided to build their corporate headquarters in the immediate vicinity of the new Vienna main train station. The Viennese architectural firm Zechner & Zechner […]

Oficinas GP, Monterrey, Mexico, GLR Arquitectos

Oficinas GP

The project’s brief requested a full intervention to an old and outdated office building with the intention of refreshing it and give a unique corporate identity to the company. Also […]

Stadspoort Landbouw, Eindhoven, Netherlands, KAW

Stadspoort Landbouw

The information pavilion Stadspoort Landbouw is being built on the premises of the Philips fruit gardens. The pavilion acts as an entrance gate towards Rural Strijp and National Landscape ´Groene […]

LEV Office Building, Kalamar, Slovenia, Ljubljana

LEV Office Building

Location: Building stands on a corner of the most frequented intersection in the city, together with the building across the street it forms the “northern city gate” of the centre […]

Offices in Zamora, Spain, Alberto Campo Baeza

Offices in Zamora

BUILDING WITH AIR. The offices of the Castilla León Junta in Zamora. To build with air, the abiding dream of every architect: Facing the cathedral and following the outline of […]

Slip House, London, United Kingdom, Carl Turner Architects

Slip House

Occupying one of four plots forming a gap in a typical Brixton terrace, Slip House constitutes a new prototype for adaptable terraced housing. Three simple ‘slipped’ orthogonal box forms break […]

Skellefteå Kraft, Skellefteå, Sweden, General Architecture

Skellefteå Kraft

The local power production company Skellefteå Kraft decided after an invited architectural competition to build new headquarters adjacent to their existing office building in the northern Swedish town of Skellefteå. Tectonics […]

The Crystal, Copenhagen, Denmark, Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen Architects

The Crystal

The extension to Nykredit consists of a new building – the Crystal – sited northwest of the existing Nykredit premises. Freestanding on the site, it reads as a transparent, geometrical, […]

Castellana 79, Madrid, Spain, Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys

Castellana 79

In the financial and commercial centre of the city is located Castellana 79 building, neighbor of one of the best buildings of offices in Madrid (BBVA Building). With a markedly […]

GP Practice, Tongeren, Belgium, LENS°ASS Architects

GP Practice

The client of GP Practice wanted a consultancy space at home. The farmhouse itself is a typical courtyard farm. In order to protect privacy, and also to avoid creating a […]

Metropole Offices, C.F. Møller Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark

Metropole Offices

The Metropole is an eight-storey office building, situated on the boulevard in Ørestaden which connects the metro station to the university complex. The ground floor houses shops and cafés, and […]

Atelier and Guest House, Aarhus - Denmark, C.F.Møller Architects

Atelier and Guest House

Atelier and Guest House. The new atelier wing extension to a private home has been carefully set in a coastal slope and balanced with an adjacent new guest-wing. The new building […]

Bekaert NV Office Building

Bekaert NV Office Building

Bekaert NV is the market leader in the metal industry: high-tech metal processing, high-tech materials and coatings based on metal fibre and fibreglass. The new administrative building is built on […]

Kirkpatrick Oil Hennessey, Oklahoma, Elliott + Associates Architects

Kirkpatrick Oil Hennessey

Site History of Kirkpatrick Oil Hennessey: The Kirkpatrick family began oil exploration in the 1920’s when John Kirkpatrick’s father-in-law, M.B. Blake, drilled their first well. John then founded Kirkpatrick Oil in 1950. […]

Office For Goedkope Woning, Kortrijk - Belgium, BURO II & ARCHI+I

Offices of Goedkope Woning

In Kortrijk, the offices of Goedkope Woning have been combined with rented homes in the social housing sector. Goedkope Woning was able to remain faithful to its objectives and vision […]

Ernst & Young Office, Windhoek - Namibia, Wasserfall Munting Architects

Ernst & Young Namibia

Ernst & Young Namibia, as a building that represents an innovative, unconventional, and rather exceptional company, has been conceived to give expression to these qualities in a manner that challenges […]

New Office for Bührmann & Partners, Windhoek - Namibia, Wasserfall Munting Architects

New Office for Bührmann & Partners

The result of a mini competition, the New Office for Bührmann & Partners complex is the manifestation of a long-standing working relationship between the respective practices – and more particularly between […]

Potxonea House, Usurbil - Spain, OS3 arkitektura

Potxonea House

The Potxonea is the last of a block that provides the backbone to the downtown, being a remarkable building with a historical background. The adjoining buildings separate two large public spaces: […]

Total Test Offices, Monterrey - Mexico, AaC+V Arquitectos

Total Test Offices

Total Test Offices building is located near Monterrey downtown, at one of the commercial points of the city. Most buildings within this area are old houses that were adapted into offices […]