Hollywood – The Last House on Mulholland Results

Hollywood - The Last House on Mulholland

Architectural research initiative arch out loud is partnering with Last House on Mulholland to design the house of the future, directly below the Hollywood Sign. 500 designers participated in the Hollywood architecture competition. Leading US and local LA architects selected AMBIVALENT HOUSE, HOLLYWOOD HILL and THE LAST HOUSE as projects that should influence future construction on the site in Los Angeles, as well as future residential design.

With a field of jurors leading the way in innovative architecture and a native Angelino aiming to set a precedent for future lifestyle, aesthetics and sustainable design, the Hollywood architecture competition received participation from 500 designers across the world aiming to make their mark on a globally recognized stage.

The Hollywood sign has long served as a symbol of celebrity glamour and entertainment, but for many, the sign also symbolizes the hopes, dreams and aspirations of American culture. The site for the Hollywood competition is located on an empty plot directly beneath the iconic sign on Mulholland Highway. It’s an empty lot waiting for its story. It’s The Last House on Mulholland.

The location on such a prominent site enables the project to gain widespread attention. The LHOM project seeks to promote a positive mission and serve as an example for how future homes can be built and inhabited. As technology continues to impact daily life, social customs and living patterns will evolve, too. Climate change, energy consumption, rising sea levels and water scarcity are forcing designers, architects and consumers to think about domestic lifestyles differently. We must find solutions to address these changes.

arch out loud partnered with Last House on Mulholland to host the Hollywood design competition. The competition asked participants to design a home of the future that demonstrates the use of innovative technology and integrative environmental strategies, while also capitalizing on the iconic prominence of its site. The competition serves as a design charette generating ideas for the site’s future construction, what it could become, and how it can inspire the future of residential design.

Participants​: Jason Payne, Michael Zimmerman, Joseph Giampietro, Ryosuke Imaeda
Office​: Hirsuta
Location​: Los Angeles, California, United States

Participants​: Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda
Office​: FGO/Arquitectura
Location​: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

3rd Place​: THE LAST HOUSE
Participants​: Yohannes Baynes, Noriaki Hanaoka
Office​: YBDD, NHD
Location​: Los Angeles, California, United States

Owners’ Choice​: ECLIPSE
Participants​: Luca Pozzi, Daniele Marchetti, Gabriele Filippi, Franco Santucci
Office​: A2.0 Studio di Architettura
Location​: Rome, Italy

In making the owner’s choice, I felt compelled to choose ECLIPSE – Simply because I’ve never seen a house like it, and then I dreamed about it. Hollywood is after all, about dreams.
-Steve Alper

Thom Mayne​ – Founder, Design Lead | Morphosis
David Basulto​ – Founder, Editor in Chief | ArchDaily
Tom Kundig​ – Principal | Olson Kundig Architects
Paul Petrunia​ – Founder | Archinect
Andrew Zago​ – Founder, Principal | Zago Architecture
Jonathan Segal ​- Founder | Jonathan Segal Architect
Jimenez Lai​ – Founder | Bureau Spectacular
Jason Long​ – Partner | OMA
Peter Zellner​ – Founder, Principal | ZELLNERandCompany
Jenny Wu​ – Principal | Oyler Wu Collaborative
Benjamin Ball ​- Founder | Ball-Nogues Studio
Heather Roberge ​- Founder, Design Lead | Murmur
Frank Clementi ​- Partner | Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Dwayne Oyler​ – Founder | Oyler Wu Collaborative
Ron Radziner ​- Founder, Partner | Marmol Radziner
Lawrence Scarpa​ – Founder, Principal | Brooks + Scarpa
Christine Theodoropoulos ​- Dean | Cal Poly State University
Edward Lalonde​ – Principal | Olson Kundig Architects
Andrea Lenardin Madden​ – Principal | ALM Project
Greg Lindy ​- Owner | Lux Typographic + Design

More information: www.archoutloud.com/lhom-results