Innovation Inspired by Nature

Innovation Inspired by Nature, Biomimicry

Winners Announced for Eleven’s International Biomimicry Competition.

International online magazine and competition generator Eleven is excited to announce the
winners of their latest ideas and design competition Biomimicry. In a world in search of a more environmentally friendly existence, where best to look for inspiration than nature itself? This is where Biomimicry – the practice of looking for solutions to problems through studying natural systems and designs – comes into its own.

Biomimicry is more than the name suggests. In fact, it promotes emulating over simply mimicking. For centuries, nature has played a leading role as an inspirational model of innovation. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, the genius of nature has been a muse for mankind’s own greatness to flourish.

Today, we live in a world which is critically trying to find a more sustainable future, and yet Biomimicry is still, in many ways, a very niche subject, practiced by the few and often overlooked by the design profession as a purely scientific inaccessible methodology.

With this in mind, back in November 2016, Eleven launched their 4th international ideas and design competition with the aim of challenging the international creative community to submit nature-inspired designs to address man-made problems. ‘Biomimicry: Design Innovation Inspired by Nature’ ran for four months and attracted hundreds of participants from all around the world. The aim of the competition was to make Biomimicry accessible for designers. The proposals submitted showcased a real variety of ideas in multiple fields, which ranged from product design, fashion, mobility, technology, architecture and large scale urban concepts. In turn, this underlined how nature can be a critical element in all aspects and scales of design.

Eleven’s jury of biomimicry experts and the general public have finally voted, and we are thrilled
to formally announce the winners of this international challenge!

See all the winning proposals here.