Korean DMZ Underground Bathhouse Results

Borders: Korean DMZ Underground Bathhouse

Crossing Parallel(s):
Bathhouse as Metaphorical Theater
[Studio M.R.D.O. & Studio Lam], Jinhyun Jun, Minkyung Song, Kangil Ji

Architectural research initiative arch out loud has released the winners of its’ DMZ Underground Bathhouse international open-­‐ideas competition.

arch ou loud challenged designers to explore the possibility of creating an underground bathhouse within the Korean Demilitarized Zone which responded to the surrounding geopolitical conditions. New forms of non-­‐military architecture could occupy the border zone and begin to ease the existing tension. The role tourism can play in opening relations across a border begs the question: How does architecture position itself in the middle of this condition of tension?

With nearly 300 proposals and over 900 participants from all over the world, the designers of the DMZ Underground Bathhouse competition confronted the very sensitive zone with a variety of poetic and sublime approaches. Program and narrative were common components in proposals for releasing tension through the bathhouse.

The competition jury consisted of Stan Allen, Moon Hoon, Jing Liu, Lola Sheppard, Minsuk Cho, Kristy Balliet, Anna Neimark, Seunghyun Kang, Nicholas Bonner, Yehre Suh, and Matias Del Campo.

The winners of this competition will be featured in the second issue of the out loud journal, “BORDERS + ARCHITECTURE”.

The out loud journal features results and analysis of arch out loud’s competitions
along with an interdisciplinary collection of essays surrounding the journal topics.

Xiaoyu, Wang Yutian Wang

Primitive Field
Yeonmoon Kim, Choonghyo Lee

This Lofty Sky
Vuk Filipic, Anna Murynka

Water Whirl
[Spectacle: Bureau For Architecture And Urbanism], Philip Vandermey, Jessie Andjelic, David Vera

Hypotenuse Thermae
Zhe Peng

More information: www.archoutloud.com/dmz-results