Antiquarium by Mario Bellini Architects

Antiquarium, Rome - Italy, Mario Bellini Architects

The project, currently under way (2016-2017), concerns the new Antiquarium Forense museum in the city’s archaeological heart.

Mario Bellini takes the occasion to turn naturally a project of exhibition design into a true architectural project.

The need to obtain new exhibition spaces for the precious finds housed in the museum located, in the rooms of the former convent of the Church of Santa Francesca Romana, has made it necessary to find further spaces created adding a new glass volume.

The contrast between the lightness of the glass and the massiveness of the materials of the existing ruins is the architectural theme that defines the project.

The positioning of the glass wall reconstructs the spatial geometry of the cell of the Rome god characterised by the rhythm of the arches in the background and underlined by the placement of remains of sculptures held up by light supports in iron.

The museum is laid out on two floors for a total exhibition surface of around 2216 sqm, in addition to which there are the spaces for the café, bookshop.

For the presentation of the finds and tombs Bellini has designed containers made up of great iron “masses” and caves which re-arrange them. The graphics on the walls once again proposes the reliefs of the tombs excavated and documented by Giacomo Boni in the early years of the twentieth century.

Year: 2015/2017
Architect: Mario Bellini Architects
Design Team: Mario Bellini with Raffaele Cipolletta
Project Team: Luca Bosetti, Marco Parravicini, Nour Abi Saad, Flavia Sandelewski, Francesco Savoini, Patrizia Semeraro
Location: Piazza Santa Maria Nova, Rome

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