Garden Island by LAVA

Garden Island, Sydney - Australia, LAVA

Nineteenth century heritage buildings are reimagined as cultural facilities, colonial architect Francis Greenway’s vision for a pyramid is fulfilled and new residential and recreational buildings are inspired by the natural forms of Sydney Harbour, under a concept developed by LAVA for Garden Island.

LAVA’s ideas for Garden Island in Sydney Harbour turn a previously inaccessible headland into a cultural, leisure, and community destination.

LAVA was commissioned to explore how the area could evolve in future decades, by the Urban Task Force in response to a report by former Deputy NSW Premier, Peter Collins, on the future of Garden Island.

The former dry-dock could be used for floating markets, harbour baths, theatre performances and boat shows, whilst a new residential precinct is inspired by the sweeping curves of Sydney Harbour with all its wonderful bays and beaches and sandstone headlands.

“The new buildings make a departure from the traditional vertical apartment box model, into a green and sustainable, airy tower landscape, with roof terraces, balconies, swimming pools and community facilities,” said Chris Bosse, LAVA director.

And a proposal by Australia’s first Government Architect, Francis Greenway, for a pyramid surrounded by gardens will be fulfilled with a new structure that houses events and functions. Writing in 1825 Greenway envisioned “a pyramid upon a particular base…… The whole front of the island toward the harbour could have been contrived so as to have formed part of the base of the pyramid with steps leading up to it in various directions”.

“It is an opportunity to .. create a new city precinct on the waterfront, return Garden Island to garden with green technology and naturally cooling buildings.”

Staged over 10-30 years there could also be a high-tech park, museums, galleries and other public buildings.

The concept presupposes that the Navy is relocated to another location in the future and that the international cruise terminal is relocated to Garden Island, allowing the worlds largest cruise ships to visit Sydney.

“This is an imagined future for one of the most iconic spots on the harbour, with Opera House and Bridge views and great connectivity to the city.”

Chris Bosse is known for his inventive solutions including the reskinning of the UTS Tower in Broadway and for being a key architect behind the Watercube for the Beijing Olympics. LAVA was named European Architects of the Year in 2016.

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