Maison D. by King Kong

Maison D., Bordeaux - France, King Kong

This house stands on a trapezoid plot of land with a surface area of 3000 m2 and was the last available building plot in this area of Belin-Beliet. Access is provided by means of a country lane, with mature woodland stretching out as far as the eye can see. The property stands within a clearing where the original Landais aerial was created. The clients expressed a desire for a compact ground plan, hence the vertical thrust of this design. Nor did they wish their home to be flush with ground level, encouraging the architects to raise it on a 50 cm high raft, creating intriguing design effects. The building is pentagonal in shape and is anchored by a terrace, or ‘deck’ surrounding it on all sides in various forms. It is widest where it embraces the sitting room, creating a cantilevered effect from which the living spaces seem to rise.

Each façade is pierced with windows in accordance with the individual function of the inside space, sensitively framing the surrounding countryside. Uninterrupted views are offered from the ample windows positioned against the exterior wall face, with more intimate openings positioned against the interior wall face. The entire layout of the house revolves around a wooden spiral staircase, while upstairs a patio allows light to flood into the corridor leading to the bedrooms.

The house is eco-friendly and was built in 30 cm thick blocks of Siporex, chosen for its insulating qualities. It lies ensconced within the surrounding forest, its rhythmical facades creating a dynamic play of full and empty spaces, best expressed in the sheltered area projecting from the living area. The garden outbuilding shares the main house’s volume arrangement, its white facades and sloping roof imitating the design of its more illustrious neighbour.

Photos © Arthur Péquin
Location: Belin-Béliet, Bordeaux, France
Architect(s): Αtelier d’architecture King Kong
Surface Area: house: 348 m2 – plot: 3000 m2
Cost of work: 428 000 € ttc
Timeline: completed in July 2009

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