Morpheus by WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Morpheus, San Juan City, Metro Manila - Philippines, WTA Architecture + Design Studio

Dreams are series of images, ideas, feelings, and sensations that transpire in the mind during our sleep. Morpheus Performing Arts Center embodies these thoughts to transport people into a totally different environment.

These images, sensations, and ideas are represented by a plaza packed with colorful art installations together with silhouettes of dancers and musicians etched on the curved wall. The images signify the activities that run inside the facility while the outdoor 2D graphics and three-dimensional works also provide interactive entertainment to the users. The open area can be used as an event and outdoor exhibition space and the court is integrated with landscape that serves as a transition space from public to semi-public zone leading to the foyer area.

The form expresses the concurrence between happiness and gloom in a person’s dream. This is achieved by juxtaposing monochromatic blocks with the lively glass elements of the building. The theatre is clad with perforated skin with a linear gap that symbolizes the excitement inside the structure. Overall, the character, as it does not express a definite form, is a metaphor.

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