Museum Station by Ingarden & Ewý Architects

Museum Station, Warsaw - Poland, Ingarden & Ewý Architects

The aim was to create a modern museum complex as well as a new public recreation place combined with the cultural and museum centre – focused on technology and transport. The project creates an opportunity to build a public space, open to the city and the public, visitors to the museum complex, as well as residents of nearby neighbourhoods. With convenient and easy access by public transport links – pedestrian, bicycle, and rail transport, the new complex will create a chance to establish an attractive recreation area for the people of Warsaw.

The design Station Museum is clearly referring to the history of the place, taking into account the existing context of historical buildings, green areas, as well as the existing system of historical tracks “garland”. The intention of the project is to create an urban composition continuing spatially readable history of the place. Ordered solids based on the geometry of the track garland create the internal layout of the park and at the same time opening up scenic silhouette on the center of Warsaw, highlighting the special and unique character of the park – museum complex.

Projected assumption, regardless of the quintessential functional significance for the city, also has a local scale strategic importance for the future development of the Odolany district, the future X. district of Warsaw. It creates a new benchmark for investment in the region, and at the same time he surrenders to the historical and contemporary context – from the tracks, taking into account the existing arrangement of greenery, historical buildings by the Warsaw skyline.

The project proposes to include the new museum buildings into the park space through the use of green roofs with low slopes, accessible to pedestrians. Their composition allows you to go through the roofs of the following buildings situated around a central park space with a visible exhibition of historical trains, which increases the attractiveness of the exhibition itself, as well as open to visitors panoramic views of Warsaw.

The project is an attempt to create a symbiosis between rational solids buildings and gently formed the foundation of the garden inspired by the natural qualities of the existing state. On the outside of the ring of buildings there is a small-scale railway/tram, circling around the park and stopping at the stops located at the entrances to museums.

Project: “MUSEUM STATION” – Railway & Technology Museum / Warsaw, 2016
(competition entry)

Architects: Ingarden & Ewý Architects

Team: prof. Krzysztof Ingarden, arch. Jacek Ewy, Arch. Peter Urbanowicz, arch. Pedro Paula Santos, arch. Barbara Seweryn, Amy Aquilina (student), Rocio Fernandez Soler (student)

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