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The factory, Barcelona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

The Factory

An industrial building in the premises of an old early twentieth-century textile factory in Terrassa, a leading city in Catalonia’s textile industry, has been refurbished and equipped as an office. […]

Squares in Puigcerdà, Girona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

Squares in Puigcerdà

Remodelling of the most central and relevant public space in Puigcerdà, originally very much deteriorated, with an excessive amount of traffic that diminished the civic and integrating potential of the […]

Sebbah House, Girona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

Sebbah House

Two-storey house overlooking the sea in a sloping plot, which is accessed by a gangway to the upper floor level, destined to private use. The ground floor shows itself completely […]

Sant Miquel School, Barcelona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

Sant Miquel School

Apart from its mere built container, a school is nothing more than a place where teaching and learning take place. This project, therefore, reflects the desire to interact with the […]

citizenM Shoreditch, London - United Kingdom, Concrete Architectural Associates

CitizenM Shoreditch

Based on the citizenM concept, as developed over the years by concrete and citizenM, the architecture of citizenM Shoreditch is the result of an Anglo/Dutch architectural collaboration between Amsterdam based […]

Juncal & Rodney Home, Girona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

Juncal & Rodney Home

Some houses close in on themselves when connection with their surroundings is not desirable. However, others open up to their setting when it is clear that it endows them with […]

House in the Costa Brava, Girona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

House in the Costa Brava

This project is a detached family house on the seafront, overlooking a beach noted for its dunes and unspoiled appearance and enjoying spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. The house […]

Barbacoa House, Barcelona - Spain, Pepe Gascón Arquitectura

Barbacoa House

Scene 1: [A very well-matched elderly couple is discussing what trees to plant and wherein the garden of their second residence, a small, detached, single-storey house with a barbecue as big […]

Zoku Amsterdam, Amsterdam - Netherlands, Concrete Architectural Associates

Zoku Amsterdam

Zoku Amsterdam, the first to open, is situated in the ‘Metropool building’ at the Weesperstraat, a former office building by architect Arthur Staal. When you come from the city on […]

Urby, New York - United States, Concrete Architectural Associates


Urby buildings have been designed to create natural opportunities for neighbours to meet and interact. Every building is entered through a public accessible, house-shaped entrance café that gives anyone walking […]

citizenM New York, New York - United States, Architectural Associates

CitizenM New York

The concrete designed citizenM hotel is making its debut in the United States with its first skyscraper in the heart of New York City on Times Square. An Amsterdam based […]

Yamashina House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Yamashina House

It is a rebuilding project for a residential area lined with houses from ancient times. The project is in a 104.81㎡ (31 tsubo) low-rise area, and on a narrow piece […]

Uji House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Uji House

This house is located in a housing estate of Uji city and surrounded with old houses which have been rebuilding. We had tried to make the house feel open even […]

Suehiro House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Suehiro House

“Family can live in closely, Meanwhile family can have privacy.” In this project, We tried to create spaces which have openability and independency. The site is located in old street […]

Otsu House, Ōtsu - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Otsu House

This house was built in the newly-developed subdivision surrounding new housing. While planning a design with client many times, we hit upon a keyword: “comfy house” so we considered how […]

Minakuchi House, Koka - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Minakuchi House

The plan projects that thought that taking advantage of the texture of the thing itself, and that put out or how to create a space to be able to have […]

Kofunaki House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Kofunaki House

Original people from ancient times was loved and it has lived with nature. Especially the Japanese always enjoy change of the four seasons for every season and came as a […]

Higashihayashiguchi Dwelling, Koka - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Higashihayashiguchi Dwelling

This plan is a project of the store combination house which is not seized with the established concept such as “the Japanese food stores such as cafe” in “dwelling, such […]

Hazukashi House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Hazukashi House

This plan of Hazukashi House is the project that thought about how you take in rich light in a site condition of small space only in Kyoto. Is provided with a […]

Azuchi House, Kyoto - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Azuchi House

“It seem to be small space, but which cause to feel big. ” “It seem to closed space, but which is opened to other space. ” “It seem to be […]

Adobe Systems Campus, Greater Noida - India, SWBI Architects

Adobe Systems Campus

Planned to be the Research and Development center for Adobe Systems, an American multinational computer software company headquartered in California, United States, the campus is conceived as a highly utilitarian […]

Sarajevo Bridge, Barcelona - Spain, BCQ arquitectura

Sarajevo Bridge

Landscape architecture must inspire comfortable feelings to the city. So the bridge will not only show a new image, the design proposes the inclusion of new materials and a new […]

Sports Hall in Olot, Olot-Girona - Spain, BCQ arquitectura

Sports Hall in Olot

The new Sports Hall is built as a volume levitating above the ground. The body achieves a clear and well-rounded geometry. As a result, we get the possibility to use […]

Casa Sagrinesco, Mantua - Italy, Archiplanstudio

Casa Sarginesco

The site is located at a point between the square and the church of a small village in the Po Valley. The new building develops around a small inner courtyard. […]

House Effe-E, Modena - Italy, Archiplanstudio

House Effe-E

House Effe-E involves the recovery of an old country barn partially damaged by the earthquake. The volume of the building and its size remained invariate. The project redefines the interior spaces […]

Clover House, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan, MAD Architects

Clover House Kindergarten

MAD Architects have completed their first project in Japan, the Clover House Kindergarten. Located in the small town of Okazaki, the school’s setting boasts views of the paddy fields and […]

Discovery World, Milwaukee-Wisconsin - United States, HGA Architects and Engineers

Discovery World

Discovery World is a 120,000-square-foot aquatics museum and aquarium overlooking Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee. The complex includes a rectangular Science Building with exhibits connected to a circular Aquarium with […]

PPG Place, Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania, Philip Johnson, John Burgee

PPG Place

PPG Place sits atop a 5.5 acre, three-city-block site in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, adjacent to historic Market Square. The shimmering glass complex is centered on a 40-story […]

Minimum-Impact-House, Frankfurt - Germany, Drexler Guinand Jauslin

Minimum Impact House

Minimum Impact House is a holistic approach for the reduction of the overall-impact of residential housing by creating a new type of residential house by densifying the city centre. In […]

David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania, Rafael Vinoly Architects

David L. Lawrence Convention Center

The world’s first LEED Platinum-certified convention center draws structural inspiration from the bridges that span Pittsburgh’s Allegheny River to create a suspended roof with a rising contour that encourages passive […]