Swisshouse in Galbisio by Davide Macullo Architects

Swisshouse XXXIV, Galbisio - Switzerland, Davide Macullo Architects

Our design is an articulated construction meant for the enjoyment of the spaces for many years to come. From afar the building is a marker in the landscape, it expresses a meaning already suggested by its context. From close up, it is a collection of many things and from within, a world, that changes with the passing of the hours of the day and the days of the year.

The design is like a constellation of points, each one’s luminosity defining our priorities, corresponding to the ambitions of those who live within it and is an interpretation of the spaces that embrace the joys of life.

We have built a place for the present that projects back into memory and forward into the future: the memory of pristine landscapes where the buildings of local stone had to resist until eternity, protecting the inhabitants; when gestures were used sparingly in order to concentrate strength. Now, they respond to a different perception, perhaps more evolved, to adapt to the speed of life.

However, the ultimate goal of a space remains as giving comfort to its inhabitant. This for us represents the drive towards the future; working to improve the quality of life and creating a place of positive energy, where man is the protagonist in finding his way to become a better person.

The cube, the primal element of this new organism in which to live, is the place of calm and the fulcrum of the hill. Its concrete blades are fragments, broken off from the medieval castle walls of Bellinzona. It is our ideal home, an enclosure that opens up to the context and breathes it in, making us part of these wonderful surroundings.

Space dilates across diverse horizons, in different directions, all intended by the design, and by the nearby details, like the tree or the vines of the neighbours’ gardens.

Architecture takes its roots from the place in which it is born and defines the time that runs in our senses. It changes and grows with us. It outlast us and we gift it to the future. Every house built with love will never stop surprising us, helping us and growing with us and those who will follow us.

Location: Galbisio, Switzerland
Completion date: March 2017
Site area: 857 m2
Building area: 135 m2
Total floor area: 260 m2
Basement floor area: 45 m2
Above ground floor area: 215 m2
Volume: 980 m3
Storeys: 1 level basement, 3 levels above ground
Project architect: Lorenza Tallarini
Design collaborators: Michele Alberio
Construction/Site Management: Edy Toscano SA, Mesocco, CH
Landscape architect: Davide Macullo Architects, Lugano , CH
Interior design: Davide Macullo Architects, Lugano , CH
Structural engineer: Edy Toscano SA, Rivera, CH
Building engineer, acoustics: EcoControl SA, Locarno, CH
Construction company: Censi & Ferrari SA, Grono, CH

Contributed by Davide Macullo Architects

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