Tent House by Cazú Zegers

Tent House, Palguin -Chile, Cazú Zegers

Located in a high mountainous area, the Tent house was designed as a summer house that will stay closed during the winter, due to extensive snowfalls.

The project site is in a river ravine, surrounded by high cliffs. The marks of the site are all artificial, so we decide to create a project that defines enclosures, generating a domestic space isolated from neighbors. The whole area in front of the house will be intervened with terraces and paths, created from a natural landscaping concept that exists at the site, where fallen trees lie as sculptures, burnt from an old fire.

The homeowners are longtime campers. This particular quality of the family helps us to shape the project. The idea is to build a permanent tent space, its main quality being the unity of a space covered by a “blanket”. We designed a wooden blanket that wraps the house and welcomes a community sense of living.

The entrance of the house is built by a big curved wall that welcomes the visitor and transcends the space. It’s like a gesture of two hands put together in a precise distance, where they still have a close relationship, with a small amount of invisible air, maintaining the molecules together, and forming the matter.

Due to a higher snowfall rate during that winter (2006), the roof has to be reinforced, raising the building costs. This situation calls for a whole redesign of the project, maintaining the same basic gesture, opening the space towards the natural views. The structural system makes the roof independent from the perimeter walls, allowing the development of two different building processes. This redesign, allowed us to reach the estimated cost for the project, also reducing the construction time.

Location: Palguin Condominium, IX Region, Chile
Construction Year: 2008
Built Area: 130 m2
Site Area: 1 hectare
Team Members: Grupo AIRA (Francisco García-Huidobro)
Client: Jorge Steiner y Ethel Goldbaun
Structural Engineering: OPH. Oscar Paredes
Construction: Ramón Salazar
Structural Work: Termocret
Sanitary Engineering: Gustavo Contreras

Contributed by Cazú Zegers

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