Tower Suite in Florence by Luigi Fragola

Tower Suite, Florence, Luigi Fragola

Luigi Fragola Architects, the renovation of an ancient watchtower in the center of Florence: a luxury apartment with breathtaking views over the entire city center.

In the historical center of Florence, the architect Luigi Fragola has been involved with the restoration of a renaissance watchtower in the city center of Florence, transforming i tinto a luxury city flat.

The apartment has a total area of 65 square meters and is spread over two levels, plus a third level dedicated to outdoor space. The particular type and slender tower dictated the rules for the distribution of all environments that maximize the width of the building and through the large openings, the origin of this volume. The indoor space is flooded with light and has outstanding views that can be admired from all sides of the house and become one of the most characteristic features of the space.

Luigi Fragola, through the choice of materials, colors and a precise style in the designing process was able to enhance every feature of this space. To give relief to the construction elements of the original tower, Architect Luigi Fragola has performed a careful study and exalted what were the original light natural colors, as the two large beams that cross the living area. Instead, he painted with a light but warm color the attic rafters dating back to an intervention of the seventies. The color contrast allows an immediate acknowledgment of the history of the lookout point of the tower.

The stairs, another strong element of strength and that stand within the re-designed space. From the entrance stairs, in original sandstone, which lead into the living area, the visitor passes the stairs with a fine steel frame in black color and wooden steps leading up into the bedroom area. Finally, a small terrace from which a last ramp leads to an open terrace on all four sides. Here a true outdoor living space was designed to enjoy a unique view ofn the city.

The house consists of a large living area where the living room with fireplace, dining area and kitchen coexist in one space. The two functions are separated from the metal staircase that leads upstairs. The floor is made of wood, chosen by the architect Luigi Fragola who wanted a warm tone and dark but at the same time very natural to match the ancient wooden beams. Here, the choice was to use an essence of oak treated at high temperatures in order to take on a burnished without the need of colourings.

The sleeping area is furnished with a large bed whose headboard wall becomes the division element with the bathroom area. The terrace is designed as an outdoor living. It is equipped with a large sofa that extends along an entire side hiding a functional water system to an outdoor shower.

Luigi Fragola Architects
Luigi Fragola Architects is an architectural and interior design office with its headquarters in Florence. From the outset, the study has grown rapidly, developing significant projects in several areas: housing, restaurants, shops, hotels, product design and graphic design for prestigious companies. Through a multidisciplinary approach, which focuses on the sharing of technical expertise and creativity come to life innovative projects that stand out at the same time for style and efficiency. Luigi Fragola has developed a unique and exclusive concept for each client studying and cocordinating the design process, and all the following steps to ensure that the result is an added value to the sum of its parts.

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